HoneyWell choose Origo Solutions as their preferred distributor

The new arrangement includes that Honeywell will use Origo Solutions as their preferred distributor of Honeywell Fire & Gas products and services for the Norwegian market.

Written by Bjørn-Tore Lenes

Honeywell have decided to strengthen their relationship with Origo Solutions after many years close cooperation.

«We feel very confident with the services Origo Solutions are suppling in Norway and we are looking forward to continuing effort from Origo’ people. Origo have proven their ability by performing excellent results in a challenging market and have over many years distributed our product though various frame agreements. By strengthening our partnership we will secure high quality products and services for many years to come which is Honeywells first priority on critical safety equipment such as Gas & Flame detection. Additionally we are going into an exciting period where Honeywell will launch several new products customized for the Oil & Gas market. During these times we are depending on local expertize with good technical knowhow and stabile reputation where the local Oil & Gas professionals can get first class support. » Simon Markegård Regional Sales Manager Honeywell Analytics

Read the complete press release from 21.11.2017