Illustration: Statoil/ Hywind Scotland Pilot Park
Illustration: Statoil/ Hywind Scotland Pilot Park

Origo is awarded contract in the Hywind Pilot Park project

Origo Solutions has been awarded a contract to develop SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for the Hywind Scotland Pilot Park. The Hywind Pilot Park is the world’s first floating wind park.

Written by Helga Lid Tobiassen

Origo Solutions is going to deliver control and data acquisition for five floating offshore wind turbines as well as the operation and control of sub-station onshore.

Origo Solutions’ scope includes design, production, testing and commissioning. The system will be supplied with Siemens technology and includes delivery of IEC 61850 interface for electrical control devices, and interfaces to anchor monitoring, ballast systems, weather systems and other auxiliary systems.

The project has already started and the first delivery is in September 2016, Hywind Pilot Park is planned for operation in the last quarter of 2017.

Experience from both processing and oil & gas

Origo Solution has like many other businesses faced challenges due to low oil prices, accompanied by lower project activity in the oil and gas segment. We are proud to enter a new market. Our expertise in process industries combined with our experience in the offshore oil and gas industry means that we are competitive in several of our new areas of activity.


The Control system Packages will be part of five FWT that will be installed on the Aberdeenshire Coast, North East Scotland. The control system will be used for data acquisition, control and monitoring of the total Hywind Scotland Pilot Park.

The Hywind Scotland Pilot Park shall demonstrate technological improvements, installation and operation of a multiple floating wind turbines and cost reductions in a park configuration as the next step towards achieving the long term vision for developing floating wind on a commercial scale.

The Hywind Scotland Pilot Park will be based on five floating wind turbine generators with a unit rating of 6.0 MW. The total installed capacity of the pilot park will be 30 MW.

The FWTs will be connected via a network of inter-array cables to one export cable. The base case transmission voltage is 33kV. The export cable will come onshore in Peterhead where it will be connected to the onshore export cable. The onshore export cable will be routed through Peterhead and further on to an onshore substation. From this, there will be a cable to the nearby SSE substation at Peterhead Grange where the project will be connected to the grid.



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