Origo Solutions origins back to 1977 with the foundation of Bjørge. Through a number of acqusitions the company developed into a complete supplier of safety systems. In 2010 Bjørge demerged into two separate entities, with ALIGN as a leading supplier of production and safety critical equipment and solutions.

Origo Engineering was acquired by ALIGN, who established Origo Solutions in 2011. Origo Solutions is thus a merger of two specialized companies with extensive experience in the relevant fields. Origo Solutions offers a wide range of safety, automation and control solutions as well as engineering competence to the marked, based on long experience, solid track record and high competence.

Nyhamna, Photo Jan Haukaas

Nyhamna – the value of holistic thinking

Joint effort across all Align’s divisions will ensure one of the most important energy projects for two countries before the end of 2014.