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F & G Detection Products

Fire and gas products from Origo Solutions communicate with fire systems from other suppliers, and we guarantee optimum utilisation of interfaces between detectors, interfaces and control panels. We supply a wide range of detectors at a competitive cost.

We also provide our customers with a wide range of training courses on flame detection principles.

Origo Solutions offers service and calibration of fire panels and fire and gas detectors with our F&G Laboratory.

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Gas Detection

Origo Solutions supplies a wide range of flammable gas detectors. Our main supplier is Honeywell Analytics which through decades has provided the oil and gas industry with the leading flammable gas detectors.

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Searchline Excel from Honeywell

The world’s best selling infrared open path gas detector.

Searchpoint Optima Plus from Honeywell

Point infrared Hydrocarbon gas detector.

Flame detection

Origo Solutions provides a wide range of products related to flame detection. We supply the FS-series from Honeywell which include UV, UV/IR, multi-IR with more.

Origo Solutions is also the Norwegian distributor for the market leading FDS301 visual flame detector by Micropack. With its superior false alarm immunity it is quickly becoming the market leader in flame detection.

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FDS301 from Micropack

An explosion proof visual flame detector.

Fire sentry FS24X from Honeywell

Muliti-Spectrum Triple IR Fire and Flame Detector.

Toxic gas detection

Origo Solutions supplies the wide range of Honeywell analytics’ quality toxic and hydrogen gas detectors. Certified for use in SIL2 rated systems.

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Sensepoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detector from Honeywell

ATEX certified flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detectors that offer a high-quality, low-cost solution to monitoring hazardous areas.

Sensepoint XCD RTD from Honeywell

A gas transmitter for use with directly or remotely mounted toxic and Oxygen gas sensors.

Utility mounting and protection equipment

Origo Solutions has identified a challenge in the weather protection for the equipment we supply. As a result we have customized a range of weather protection equipment to suit the rough conditions in our region. The arctic weather protection range has been introduced to increase operational safety and the lifetime of our client’s investment.

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Smoke- and heat detection/manual callpoints

Origo Solutions provides a wide range of conventional heat and smoke detectors for a range of applications. We also supply numerous manual call points, light/beacon and sounders from among others our supplier Eaton MEDC.

Acoustic/ultrasonic leak detection

Ultrasonic detection has evolved to be an integral part of F&G detection systems. Origo Solutions supplies the Groverly Emerson GDU incus, a world class alternative to ultrasonic detection.

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