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SAFECOM® – Safety related Communication System, ESD/PPS/LOPS

Origo Solutions offers HIMA SafeCom® systems. HIMA SafeCom® is a safety-related communication system, which is used for transmission of safety-critical signals and information.

SafeCom® ESD, Emergency Shutdown System SafeCom® ESD is a safety barrier designed to protect your process/installation against safety-related hazards

SafeCom® PPS, Pipeline Protection System SafeCom® PPS system optimizes the plant and the pipeline operation, by maximising the gasline packing potential, which increases the gas flow. The increased gas flow generates higher profit, and in addition reduces the investment cost related to the reduced steel thickness of the pipeline (spec. break).

SafeCom® LOPS, Loading- /Offloading Protections System SafeCom® LOPS is used to assure a safe and reliable loading/offloading of oil and gas, and the system can be seen as a temporary PPS (Pipeline Protection System), which is only in operation during the actual loading/offloading.

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HIPPS – High Integrity Pressure Protection System

HIPPS is an independent safety barrier designed to protect pipelines, vessels and compressors against over pressurization. HIPPS shall, with the highest level of functional and safety integrity, detect the process pressure and be configured to isolate or evacuate the high pressure in a safe manner.

We can deliver complete HIPPS systems including final element.

We deliver the following types of HIPPS:

  • HIPPS for pipeline protection
  • HIPPS for vessels and separators
  • HIPPS for compressor protection

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ESD – Emergency Shutdown System

ESD is a safety barrier designed to protect your process/installation against safety-related hazards. The ESD systems shall, with the highest level of functional and safety integrity, detect discrepancies in the process and bring it to a safe state.

We deliver the following types of ESD:
  • ESD for terminals/refineries
  • ESD for offshore installations
  • ESD for marine vessels

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BMS – Burner Management System

BMS is an independent safety barrier designed to assure a safe operation of your oil and gas burners. BMS shall, with the highest level of functional and safety integrity, detect discrepancies in the process and bring it to a safe state.

We deliver the following types of BMS:
  • BMS for oil burners
  • BMS for gas burners
  • BMS for VOC burners

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PSD – Process Shutdown System

PSD is a safety barrier designed to protect your process against safety-related hazards. The PSD systems shall, with the highest level of functional and safety integrity, detect discrepancies in the process and bring it to a safe state.

We deliver the following types of PSD:
  • PSD for terminals/refineries
  • PSD for offshore installations
  • PSD for marine vessels

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F&G – Fire and Gas System

Origo Solutions is an independent solution provider for complete SAS systems and certified partner for multiple major control system vendors. We specialize in safety systems which are designed, engineered and tested according to the latest standards for offshore units and onshore installations.

The F&G safety system consists of detectors, transmitters, controller with cause and effect logic, in-/ouput cards, human machine interface (HMI) and critical alarm and action panel (CAP). The controller is the central unit in the overall F&G system and is normally redundant for availability and easy modification.

As an independent supplier, we provide the best cost efficient solutions to our customers. We objectively select the most beneficial components and systems for upgrades and modifications.

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– Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System

SCADA system consists of the following main elements:

Human-machine interface
see separate section HMI.

Supervisory computers
This is the core of the SCADA system, gathering data on the process and sending control commands to the field connected devices. It refers to the computer and software responsible for communicating with the field connection controllers, which are RTUs and PLCs, and includes the HMI software running on operator workstations.

Communication infrastructure
This connects the supervisory computer system to the RTUs and PLCs, and may use industry standard or manufacturer proprietary protocols. Both RTU’s and PLC’s operate autonomously on the near-real time control of the process, using the last command given from the supervisory system. Failure of the communications network does not necessarily stop the plant process controls, and on resumption of communications, the operator can continue with monitoring and control. Some critical systems will have dual redundant data highways, often cabled via diverse routes.

Programmable logic controllers
PLCs are connected to sensors and actuators in the process, and are networked to the supervisory system in the same way as RTUs. PLCs have more sophisticated embedded control capabilities than RTUs, and are programmed in one or more IEC 61131-3 programming languages. PLCs are often used in place of RTUs as field devices because they are more economical, versatile, flexible and configurable.

Remote terminal units
RTUs connect to sensors and actuators in the process, and are networked to the supervisory computer system. RTUs are “intelligent I/O” and often have embedded control capabilities such as ladder logic in order to accomplish Boolean logic operations

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WIPS® – Wireless Instrumentation Products and Systems

Based on the growing interest in wireless instrumentation within the industry, Origo Solutions decided – back in 2013 – to establish a workgroup with the task of defining and describing relevant products and services within the field of wireless instrumentation.

The outcome of this work was a recommendation to develop a set of standardized products and services referred to as the Wireless Instrumentation Products- and Services concept (abbreviated to WIPS).

The WIPS brand now serves as an umbrella term for all work done by Origo Solutions within the field of wireless instrumentation.

Wireless Gas Detection System

Origo Solutions designs, installs and maintains wireless gas detection systems adapted to the needs of specific customers and sites. The system is based on use of the Dräger GS01 Wireless Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector and a wireless infrastructure from Yokogawa’s Field Wireless product range.

As part of the system design we can do on-site radio measurements (using special equipment certified for operation in hazardous environments) to determine the optimal location of antennas given a specific location of wireless gas detectors (typically determined by the technical safety discipline).

The system can be delivered as a non-SIL system for monitoring applications, or as a fully-compliant SIL 2 system for safety applications.

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– Electro Control Supervisory System


Origo Solutions can provide a complete power distribution control system, communication, substation design, configuration and testing in compliance with IEC 61850. The communication solution supports a wide range of industry standard protocols and is flexible due to expansions and upgrades.

The electro control system can be integrated and networked with the PCS system.

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PCS – Process Control System

Origo Solutions delivers complete automation projects for the process industry.
We cover everything from smaller modification projects to more complex electrical and automation deliveries.

Origo Solutions is an independent system supplier, which gives our customers a flexibility when choosing solutions. As an independent system supplier, we are committed to monitoring technology development in the market, in order to be able to offer solutions that increase operational stability, improve product quality and / or reduce lifecycle costs.

Origo Solutions has long experience in developing process control systems within filters and treatment plants, water cooling systems, furnace control, monitoring systems for water leaks and casing systems. 

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– Human Machine Interface System

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard that connects a person to a machine, system, or device.

While the term can technically be applied to any screen that allows a user to interact with a device, HMI is most commonly used in the context of an industrial process.

Although HMI is the most common term for this technology, it is sometimes referred to as Man-Machine Interface (MMI), Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), Local Operator Interface (LOI), or Operator Terminal (OT).

HMI and Graphical User Interface (GUI) are similar but not synonymous: GUIs are often leveraged within HMIs for visualization capabilities.

In industrial settings, HMIs can be used to:

  • Visually display data
  • Operate systems
  • Monitor inputs and outputs
  • Monitor alarm and events
  • Track production time, trends, and tags
  • Oversee KPIs


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IMS – Information Management System

Most process data can be distributed from the process control systems to other information systems in the business. Information systems combine real-time data with historical data, which in turn is used to prepare analyzes, trend curves and statistics. This helps the decision maker to have up-to-date and accurate information of operational parameters, logistics and finished products at all times.

Origo Solutions has broad experience in providing complete information systems, we also integrate process data with existing systems with our customers. We have developed and used many tailor-made solutions for external communication and calculations based on various inputs. We always use recognized standards and work with OPC solutions and databases.


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– Wind Power Management System

Wind Power Management (WPM) is a web- and object-based SCADA/HMI system developed for the management of windmills and parks.

The system’s scalable and flexible structure make is possible to operate, monitor and maintain all subsystems on the individual mills and also for entire parks.

Origo’s WPM system gives the operators, service personnel, Supervisors and Management one interface to all available information and data. Adaptable dashboards can be made for their different needs.

The WPM system will also include a data hub/collector for the individual mills and entire parks. The data will be sorted and structured in a manner for it to be used for maintenance and optimization purposes.

Key words for WPM:

Operate, monitor, maintain, optimization (Operational Technology)

Production data, park overview, planning (Information Technology)

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CCTV – Closed-Circuit Television System

Origo Solutions provides integration of CCTV cameras in the safety and automation control system and monitors in the control room. This gives the operator an image of the area at the same time as an abnormal situation occurs.

A separate CCTV server does all handling of the CCTV history for the latest 15 minutes. If an event occurs, the system will store the last 15 minutes, plus the next 60 minutes for historically view. Data will automatically be deleted after 14 days. Maintenance personnel with access may view and export the historical video.

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– Alarm Management System

Origo Solutions aims to improve the alarm systems in all projects we deliver. We will also contribute with knowledge through a dedicated Alarm Rationalization Project as consultants, and with products that can improve the alarms in the control roomsWe have experience with different tools in this effort, and have also developed our own Alarm Analysis Tool that provides an opportunity to rationalize and improve alarm systems.

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