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The aim with this page is to give you, as a supplier, a better overview of the conditions you need to know in order to be a supplier for Origo Solutions:

  • What does Origo Solutions buy?
  • What are Origo Solutions’ requirements?
  • Who can be contacted?


Are you the supplier we are looking for?
Origo Solutions seeks contact with the most competitive suppliers in the market.
If you are such a supplier, please make contact!

New supplier to Origo Solutions?
We are connected to the ISO/Achilles supplier prequalification system, as part of our prequalification. If you already hold a valid ISO standard certificate, the way to a complete a Origo Solutions supplier prequalification is short.

Do you have an established supplier relationship with Origo Solutions?
Please also investigate the possibility of being a supplier to other ALIGN companies. We may not be aware of your full product range.

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Contacts & Locations

post@origo-s.no | +47 920 80 500

Emergency calls
In case of accidents or serious incidents
that concerns Origo Solutions.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Emergency: +47 416 87 500

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