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Origo Solutions origins back to 1977 with the foundation of Bjørge. Through a number of acqusitions the company developed into a complete supplier of safety systems. In 2010 Bjørge demerged into two separate entities, with ALIGN as a leading supplier of production and safety critical equipment and solutions.

Origo Engineering was acquired by ALIGN, who established Origo Solutions in 2011. Origo Solutions is thus a merger of two specialized companies with extensive experience in the relevant fields. Origo Solutions offers a wide range of safety, automation and control solutions as well as engineering competence to the marked, based on long experience, solid track record and high competence.

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post@origo-s.no | +47 920 80 500

Emergency calls
In case of accidents or serious incidents
that concerns Origo Solutions.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Emergency: +47 416 87 500

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