Origo Solutions at the Safety System Conference 2019

The goal of the Safety Systems Conference is to gather key players and share news and experiences within instrumented safety systems in industries such as oil and gas, land-based industry and transport.

This year’s edition of the Safety Systems Conference highlighted forward-looking solutions within safety systems related to:

• Trends and perspectives on the industry
• New industry initiatives
• Operational improvements and renewals
• Industrial IoT and safety systems

The industry is focusing more than ever on developing cost-effective solutions. The Safety Systems Conference looked at new opportunities in digitalization, monitoring, and work processes, without compromising safety.

Our own Technology Manager, Karl-Tore Østhus, presented his view on challenges and opportunities within Safety Systems – past, present and future.
Main take; without compromising safety, all stakeholders are responsible to challenge the further development of safety systems.

Another question that was lifted;
– are we ready for a re-brand to meet new expectations; “Safety and Environment Systems”?
Safety as part of a sustainable future; Safety Integrity Level (SIL); yes, but also Environment Integrity Level (EIL) and Asset Integrity Level (AIL).