Origo Solutions is increasing at Equinor

After completing two major projects at Kårstø, Origo Solutions has signed an extended framework agreement with Equinor.

– We are a trusted supplier that delivers solid solutions and at the same time gets more and more responsibility. We are, of course, pleased with an expanded framework agreement, which enables us to deliver a wider range to Equinor, says Bjørn-Tore Lenes, CEO of Origo Solutions.

Origo Solutions has a long and good relationship with Equinor. A greater share of turnover comes from the Norwegian energy giant.

Recently, Origo Solutions completed two major projects at Kårstø gas terminal. There has Origo Solutions, in addition to performing tasks in their own systems, gained the confidence to modify the top system, previously only system supplier has had access to.

– We have high competence in safety and automation systems, but it is nevertheless new that we are given responsibility for such a scope directly. It clearly states that Equinor’s confidence in us is great, ”says Project Manager Harald Owe Lauvland of Origo Solutions.

The two projects at Kårstø have been connected to fire extinguishing and blow / pressure relief control systems – so-called blowdown.

The gas plant naturally has a lot of fire extinguishing equipment that can be controlled remotely in case of fire. Origo Solutions has provided both equipment and software to control this equipment to extinguish any fires in the most efficient way.

– We have completed this as a development project, where Equinor and we together wanted to create a standard for all Equinor’s facilities. We have succeeded well, says Lauvland.

Along the way, Origo Solutions – in line with Equinor’s STEP program to streamline operations – has challenged established requirements, routines and procedures.

– We have particularly challenged the documentation requirements, which in some cases have been unnecessarily extensive. We have been heard for several of our views, which has led to simpler processes, faster implementation and lower costs, explains Lauvland.

The second project, which includes what is called blowdown, has been a purely software project.

– We have optimized processes for further reduction of emissions. We have done all programming in a test environment in Kristiansand and later in Oslo, and finally in a test simulator at Kårstø. Everything has gone according to plan and with good results, says Lauvland.

Equinor is full of praise related to the work done by Origo Solutions.