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safety, automation and data management
SCADA+ one interface to control it all

An independent solution for operation and follow up of your entire Plant(s)
- improve your production and reduce maintenance cost by smarteroperation


Origo Solutions have delivered solutions that protects more than 8 500 km of gas lines in Norway.
One of these solutions is SafeCom® that allows natural gas to be exported over long distances in a safe, reliable and cost efficient way.


HIPPS is an independent safety barrier designed to protect pipelines, vessels and compressors against over pressurization. HIPPS detect, with the highest level of functional and safety integrity, the process pressure and isolate or evacuate the high pressure in a safe manner.

honeywell- authorized distributor

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Safety System SIL3 installation

Exciting opportunity in installing a HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH safety system SIL3 which increases the speed of communication among sites.

MoU signed with Technip Energies

We celebrate that we signed a MoU with Technip Energies


Our sectors

Origo Solutions seize opportunities to increase its foothold within renewable energy sectors, whilst continuing to nurture existing energy and industry service operations. The company's offering and experience from several decades in the oil service sector will be leveraged to provide invaluable operational know-how in the transition to a sustainable energy services sector.

We care


More than 20 years continuous presence at several sites in close partnership with our customers

High integrity

Our safety solutions protect more than 8 500 km of natural gas pipelines in and out of Norway


All 1250 system deliveries with a non-proprietary setup to maximize customers flexibility


Continuously seeking opportunities and best practise for our customers.

We have more than 40 years of experience and we have
more than 90 highly qualified and experienced automation engineers to provide in-depth knowledge.