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Origo Solutions


Our unique combination of products, engineering services and turn-key contractor competence makes us a trusted partner for clients within the energy industry.

We are located in Kristiansand (Headquarter), Arendal and Stavanger, and have a long and proud history of maintaining a high standard in working with safety and quality issues.

Origo Solutions is a technology company, supplier and integrator of control, automation, safety and data management systems and solutions to the offshore and onshore oil and gas, process, marine, and renewable energy production industries and markets.
The company has more than 40 years’ of experience in developing premium safety and automation solutions for monitoring, control and protection of both offshore and onshore facilities.


Origo Solutions origins back to 1977 with the foundation of Bjørge. Through a number of acqusitions the company developed into a complete supplier of safety systems. In 2010 Bjørge demerged into two separate entities, with ALIGN as a leading supplier of production and safety critical equipment and solutions.

Origo Engineering was acquired by ALIGN, who established Origo Solutions in 2011. Origo Solutions is thus a merger of two specialized companies with extensive experience in the relevant fields.

In 2020 ALIGN was incorporated into MORELD – a large, new industrial group in Norway. In order to simplify its legal structure, ALIGN was restructured and Origo Solutions was transferred to MORELD Industrial Group.

Origo Solutions offers a wide range of safety, automation and control solutions as well as engineering competence to the marked, based on long experience, solid track record and high competence.

Corporate management

Bjørn-Tore Lenes
Managing Director
Glenn Nystøl
Chief Finance Officer / CFO
Hans Walter Lyngholm
Department Director, HIMA Safety Solutions
Ole Henrik Olsbu
Department Director, Safety & Automation
Rune Reinertsen
Sales and Marketing Director


Jan Erik Rugland
Chairman of the board

Haakon Berg
Member of the board

Per Harald Kongelf
Member of the board

Helge Hydle
Member of the board

Alexander Nesje
Member of the board, employee elected

Member of the board, employee elected


The aim with this page is to give you, as a supplier, a better overview of the conditions you need to know in order to be a supplier for Origo Solutions:

Are you the supplier we are looking for?
Origo Solutions seeks contact with the most competitive suppliers in the market.
If you are such a supplier, please make contact!

New supplier to Origo Solutions?
We are connected to the ISO/Achilles and EPIM supplier prequalification system, as part of our prequalification. If you already hold a valid ISO standard certificate, the way to a complete a Origo Solutions supplier prequalification is short.

Do you have an established supplier relationship with Origo Solutions?
Please also investigate the possibility of being a supplier to other Moreld companies. We may not be aware of your full product range.

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Origo Solutions, as a technology company, will always stay updated and be curious of how to develop our existing markets and seek new market opportunities.

To pursue our goal of being an attractivetechnology partner we have some key phrases:

  • Acquire and share information
  • Remote, autonomous and cost efficient operations
  • Standardisation, but still flexible and scalable
  • Increased diagnostics, analysis and insight
  • Future technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence

We are actively participating on several arenas, this to develop our organisation as well as being a driving force/voiceamong our clients, partners and competitors.

PDS / CDS forum: Participating member for more than 20 years

NTNU: Sponsoring the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics and HIMA safety PLC, incl. SW tools and communication licenses

UiA: Educational lectures at Department of Engineering sciences and Technical and functional safety, Mechatronics

Technology clusters

  • Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster

Please contact us

for further information.

Thank you for contacting us!

Have a nice day!
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Rune Reinertsen

Sales and Marketing DIrector
+47 99 48 00 15

Support: +47 416 87 500 |  service@origo-s.no