To Origo Solutions, health, safety and environment are an integral part of our work. Safety is always our first priority. Origo Solutions focuses on incorporating the highest standards of safety into our client solutions, installations and operational processes. We use tried-and-tested components, the systems we develop are extremely reliable and we provide the required maintenance to ensure that safety is maintained over time.

Systems delivered by Origo Solutions contribute significantly to reducing the risk of both minor and major accidents and to enhancing safety across the board. This contributes to the increased confidence of staff working in areas where our safety systems are in place.

Our safety solutions are designed to provide a healthy and meaningful working environment, give employees the assurance that they are protected against physical and mental harm and ensure that the environment is safeguarded in the best way possible.

Origo Solutions is certified to ISO9001:2015. We are also qualified in EPIM JQSAchilles JQS (ID24818) and Utilities NCE (ID104786). The HSE&Q System is electronically available to all staff.