Alvheim Hull Upgrade project completed successfully!

In collaboration with our customer, Aker BP, and our collaborative partner,Kongsberg Maritime, we have completed the replacement of 19 obsolete Kongsberg controllers. The project was completed within given limit, without any incidents and with Alvheim in full production

Origo Solutions and Kongsberg Maritime have been responsible for the planning and implementation. The complete replacement has been done during normal operation and has required a tight collaboration between all involved parties. Especially we are impressed of the entire operational team at Alvheim where the effort from the installation managers has been crucial for this project to be a success.

Replacing old controllers is not easy. Each controller has several hundred signals, there are old cables, and the documentation may be outdated. The project has required good planning and project conduction, and we are really pleased to be part oft his successful result.

The project has been affected by several external challenges (strike among the securityguards, corona restrictions leading to reduced bed capacity at Alvheim) and we are impressed of the team who has been flexible and made the best out of the situations, ensuring that the project has been delivered as planned. Due to the covid situation, meetings were held on teams and first time the team met in-real-life was during the Lesson Learned / project completion meeting

We have enjoyed being part of this team and this delivery, working with highly skilled people and knowing that we contribute to safer operations.

Thank you for good collaboration
From left: Ole Andre Granum (KM), Ole KristianAndersen (Origo), Jon Arild Hansen(KM), Lars Mathingsdal (Origo/Tratec), ArneLøvlid (KM)
Lars Mathingdal (Origo/Tratec), Stian Håberg (Origo/Tratec)
Christian Olsen (Origo/Tratec)
Alvheim Hull Upgrade project completed successfully!
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