Upgrade to XRL Bluetooth Detectors

Origo Solutions has finalized the installation of 7 Bluetooth gas detectors and a test point for gas, at the location of our long-term customer,Dynea.

Detectors mounted in the ceiling to detect H2 gas. The halo light shows the status of the detectors, so it’s easy to see if there are any faults/alarms.

Together with Dynea, we have replaced the old APEX detectors with new and modern XRL Bluetooth Detectors from Honeywell. The XRL Bluetooth Detectors makes it safer and more cost efficient to perform maintenance and calibration of detectors placed in height.

Origo Solutions have been responsible of planning and installation of the new detectors.

We are proud to contribute to safer environment for personnel and assets. Thank you, Dynea, for another great collaboration. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Do you want to know more about detectors from Honeywell? Please contact our sales responsible, Rune Lunde (rulu@origo-s.no)


Origo Solutions AS is Honeywell`s Authorized Representative for Gas and Fire detection products in the Norwegian region.

Dyneais a specialist manufacturer of wood adhesives with a market-leading position in Europe and Origo Solutions conduct annual service and calibration of their gas detectors.

Upgrade to XRL Bluetooth Detectors
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