The ultimate safety instrumented barrier

HIPPS solutions by Origo Solutions are flexible, operating either as standalone system or integrated into all leading control systems. We offer a complete HIPPS solution for process safety functions up to SIL3(4), in accordance with IEC61508/61511 standards.

High integrity

HIPPS consists of high integrity components and systems, which are capable of protecting pipelines / installations where
SIL 3 and 4 (IEC61508/61511) is set as a requirement.

A wide area of application

HIPPS is installed as the ultimate barrier to protect you pipelines, vessels/separators and(or) export compressors.

Independent safety barrier

HIPPS is your independent safety barrier, which at the highest degree of accuracy acts an ultimate barrier against any high pressure situations.


Origo Solutions contributes to sustainability through safety, environmental and asset integrity protection.

The HIPPS solution includes the logic solver and all field instruments such as pressure transmitters, DBB valves with maintenance interlocking, HIPPS valves and actuators.


HIPPS is an independent safety barrier designed to protect pipelines, vessels and/or compressors against over pressurization. HIPPS shall, with the highest level of functional and safety integrity, detect the process pressure and be configured to isolate or evacuate the high pressure in a safe manner.


We deliver the following types of HIPPS:

• HIPPS for pipeline protection

• HIPPS for vessels and separators

• HIPPS for compressor protection


HIMA safety controllers are the key components in our HIPPS solutions, and the HIMA Planar 4 is the world’s only SIL 4 system for the highest safety requirements.


HIMA Planar 4:

• SIL 4

• Hard-wired system

• Logic design: Solder, Termi-point/Wire Wrap

• Extremely robust

• Scalable redundancy

Main references:
Kollsnes, Kårstø, Mongstad, Åsgard A, Troll A, Ormen Lange, Golar, Easington, Qatar, Malaysia.


Collecting and structuring data from a various set of sources. Valuable for humans and machines.

We know the value of data and how to transform it to valuable information. So that you can optain knowledge and wisdom provided by your data.

User interface / HMI

To provide adequate situational awareness the right information needs to be accessible to the right person at the right time

We believe that information should be easy to understand and access. We know how to provide optimal user interfaces to support your work processes and your users


The importance of effective alarm management has increased as the number of alarms has risen.

We know how critical functional alarm handling is to your operations and we know how to provide optimal alarm handling to your operators and stakeholders.

Control and automation

Fit for purpose! We have long experience of delivering control and automation solutions and applications.

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Safety and shut down

Safety first! We know how to engineer and deliver trustworthy safety and shut down systems.

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We add value to your data! We provide structured collection of data, which enables increased insight, analysis, predictions and intelligent services

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SCADA+ ™ is an independent solution for operation and follow up of your entire Plant(s) - improve your production and reduce maintenance cost by smarter operation

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SafeCom® allows natural gas to be exported over long distances in a safe, reliable and cost efficient way.

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HIPPS is an independent safety barrier designed to protect pipelines, vessels and compressors against over pressurization.

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Origo Solutions designs, installs and maintains wireless gas detection systems adapted to the needs of specific customers and sites.

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