SCADA+ ™ is an independent solution for operation and follow up of your entire Plant(s) - improve your production and reduce maintenance cost by smarter operation

SCADA+ is the optimal system platform for control, automation and visualization of your Plant(s). SCADA+ is originally built to support operation of Wind Power Plant(s) and the flexible and scalable architecture is also useable for other industries with a goal to provide smart production (optimal outcome with minimum of wear and tear).

No one knows what the future holds

SCADA+ is future-ready, solving today’s challenges and preparing for the future. Optimal production is more than what is going on right now. It is also about foreseeing the next step and outcome.

Open, Flexible and Scalable
System Platform  

SCADA+ System Platform supports standard setup and project specific requirements. Optimal for both existing (retrofit) and new installations

‍Unlimited Data Acquisition
and Data Management

Processing real time data to operators as well as structuring and providing historian data for brief and deeper analysis

Control and visualization
through optimal user interfaces

User interfaces support the operator in performing safe and efficient operations

Seamless integration
(3rd party control systems, applications, and sensors)

SCADA+ open interfaces allows for numerous of 3rd party (control systems, applications, and sensors) integration
perfectly connected

Introduction Video

Why SCADA+ system platform?
  • Well proven system platform
  • Ability to change - Independence for customers
  • Trustworthy and reliable (Cyber security) - Get security from the ground up.
  • Performance and up to date technology
  • Scale elastically
  • Remove costs– eliminate the need for purchasing, operation and management of hardware and software
  • Be future-ready – solve today’s challenges and create the future

Benefits and added value

Improve production and reduce maintenance cost by smarter operations

  • One interface > easy to use
  • Scaleable and flexible > strenghtened capability
  • Enriched information > increased insight
  • Increased awareness > reduced risk
  • Predictions and analyses > reduced life cycle cost
  • Data management > deeper analysis

 One interface to control it all

SCADA+ enables

A Wind Power Plant should produce sustainable energy for several decades. In order to do this the SCADA system platform shouldin addition to safe and efficient operations also support, enable and connect smart services.

Providing optimization of production, predictive and smart maintenance and intelligent services – enabling a cost efficient and longer lifetime period of the assets.  

  • Advanced analysis and controls
  • Intelligent services (AI / ML)
  • Predictive maintenance


Collecting and structuring data from a various set of sources. Valuable for humans and machines.

We know the value of data and how to transform it to valuable information. So that you can optain knowledge and wisdom provided by your data.

User interface / HMI

To provide adequate situational awareness the right information needs to be accessible to the right person at the right time

We believe that information should be easy to understand and access. We know how to provide optimal user interfaces to support your work processes and your users


The importance of effective alarm management has increased as the number of alarms has risen.

We know how critical functional alarm handling is to your operations and we know how to provide optimal alarm handling to your operators and stakeholders.

Control and automation

Fit for purpose! We have long experience of delivering control and automation solutions and applications.

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Safety and shut down

Safety first! We know how to engineer and deliver trustworthy safety and shut down systems.

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We add value to your data! We provide structured collection of data, which enables increased insight, analysis, predictions and intelligent services

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SCADA+ ™ is an independent solution for operation and follow up of your entire Plant(s) - improve your production and reduce maintenance cost by smarter operation

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